WITHOUT THE MEN: ghosts at the door

Ghost at the doorI cannot properly begin a novel until the characters from the last one have fully left my head.  Due to the long, slow roll-out of WHAT SHE HAD TO DO (and the constant, necessary re-visiting with Penelope, Imogene, Caitlin, Frank and Liam),… my new characters have been left in limbo, unable to cross the threshold, ghosts clamoring at the door.  Two more speaking engagements remain:  “Why There Are Words,” on 9/11, and a week later, the Saint Helena Public Library, 9/18.  (See calendar).  After that the door will at last be open for Isobel, Sophie, Bet and all the rest as, in 1939 Europe, they embark on their years-long war WITHOUT THE MEN.  Surprisingly, however, this fallow period has proved fruitful;  unrealized thoughts have all along been churning in my head;  just today I’ve realized the development and motivation of a lead character is entirely wrong, that my Isobel is a warrior not a selfish fool, and the book must start over.  So I look forward to Monday, 22 September, 8.30 a.m. at my desk.  I must always tell people I’m working on a book so they ask me how it’s going so I’m motivated to finish it.  And 9/22 is the autumnal equinox, a grand time for new beginnings.  See More

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