Peralta Writing Course

June 4 – 11, 2011   It’s time again for the annual Peralta Writing Course!  One full week living in a medieval mountain hamlet on the edge of the marble country among olive groves, antiquities and incredible art (Fiore di Henriquez, world renowned sculptor, discovered and restored Peralta);  writing, wandering, watching and dreaming;  enjoying the Tuscan cuisine and wines, and the glorious view across the Ligurian Sea to Corsica.

Who comes to Peralta?  I’m increasingly noticing that our participants are seekers and creative  adventurers who have completed one stage of their lives and are moving on to the next.  They are comfortable in the world and deeply appreciate beauty;  many are painters and photographers ready to explore a new  direction in the arts.

At work in Fiore’s studio, 2010

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