Best Selling Author

Mary-Rose Hayes’ ninth novel, WHAT SHE HAD TO DO, was published in October 2013 in E-format by Trident Media Group and in paperback by San Francisco indie publisher Cavendish Hill Press. The story, set in San Francisco and a cathedral city in the west of England, involves a desperate choice made by a young woman during the aftermath of World War II, and the shockwaves it triggers through three generations of a family.

Mary-Rose is the best-selling author of eight previous novels whose genres include
 horror, suspense, and erotic adventure. She has co-authored two political thrillers with Senator Barbara Boxer:
  A TIME TO RUN and, most recently BLIND TRUST (2009).  She suggests anyone visiting this site enlarges the images of these two book covers as her name is in rather small print!

Mary-Rose’s novels have been translated into sixteen languages and have regularly been
 Doubleday Book of the Month and Literary Guild main selections. AMETHYST (E.P. Dutton, 1991) was chosen as a TIME/LIFE bestseller

“I suspect that a writer is born and not made,” says Mary-Rose, who began to 
write as soon as she knew how, at the age of six.  “You may not like it, but you can’t imagine doing anything else.”

She attributes her love for language and the written word to growing up among writers
 and artists, and to an early childhood spent in a remote English country house with no television, little radio and frequent electrical blackouts.  The only entertainment was necessarily home grown, recalls Mary-Rose:  reading aloud by candlelight;  listening to the antique wind-up gramophone (record player);  and the writing and performing of plays by the family and a succession of houseguests who included a London theatrical director and the Archbishop of Johannesburg.